Poniżej znajdziesz listę nowości książkowych dostępnych od września 2021.

Świeże tytuły dostępne w naszej księgarni w przedsprzedaży. Zamówienia można składać do 29 sierpnia 2021.
Książki zamawiamy z wydawnictwa 30 sierpnia 2021 r.
Planowana wysyłka książek pomiędzy 10 a 20 września 2021.

Książki można zamawiać poprzez poniższy formularz.

💎 That’s not my mermaid – Five colourful fairies swim through the pages in this popular title in the That’s not my… series. Babies and toddlers will love exploring the smooth, bumpy and shiny touchy-feely tactile patches, as well as spotting the familiar little white mouse.💎 POL ☘️ Cena – 32 zł. Wiek: 3+ miesięcy

💎 Lights and sounds unicorns – When little children press each button in this unique novelty book, the enchanting scenes are brought to life with twinkling lights and beautiful sounds. Join Rosie the little unicorn and her friends the fairies, elves and dragons as she searches for lots of sparkling things in this magical story. 💎 POL ☘️ Cena – 60 zł. Wiek: 6+ miesięcy

💎 Don’t Tickle the Polar Bear! – You’d better not tickle that polar bear, because it just might growl if you do! Little children won’t be able to resist tickling the adorable touchy-feely animals to hear the animal sounds in this unique novelty book. Alongside the polar bear there’s a walrus, a seal and a puffin, followed by a musical finale guaranteed to get everyone dancing. 💎 POL ☘️ Cena – 60 zł. Wiek: 6+ miesięcy

💎 That’s Not My Polar Bear…book and toy 💎 POL ☘️ Cena – 74 zł. Wiek: 6+ miesięcy
💎 That’s Not My Teddy…book and toy 💎 POL ☘️ Cena – 74 zł. Wiek: 6+ miesięcy

💎 Fingerwiggly Monkeys – Little children and their grown-ups can stick their fingers through the holes to become the arms of big and little monkey and tell a simple story. Little monkey learns to reach for a juicy mango to eat, swings through the jungle, and finds a leaf to shelter from the rain before joining the rest of the family at the end of the day for a comforting monkey hug.💎 POL ☘️ Cena – 32 zł. Wiek: 12+ miesięcy

💎 The stormy day – Storms can be scary, especially for little children. In sing-song text, this comforting tale about a stormy day by the sea tells children all about what happens in a storm. The wind is loud, the clouds big and black, and that grumbly noise in the sky is thunder. Lightning flashes, and thunder rumbles, and if you count, you can tell if the storm is coming or going away. But there’s nothing to worry about – all storms pass. After the storm comes calm again – and lots of interesting things to find on the beach. With online audio to hear the story read aloud..💎 POL ☘️ Cena – 23 zł. Wiek: 2+

💎 Ballet Stories for Little Children – This charming collection of ballet stories has been specially selected and retold for younger children. A delightful way to discover five classic ballets: Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Coppelia, Swan Lake, The Nutcracker. 💎 POL ☘️ Cena – 60 zł. Wiek: 2+

💎 Play Hide and Seek with Fox – Little children will love lifting the big flap on each page of this book to find a woodland animal hiding underneath. The endearing artwork is full of fun details to spot and talk about, and there are holes in the flaps so you can catch a little glimpse of Fox, Badger, Owl, Mouse, or whoever is hiding this time 💎 POL ☘️ Cena – 37 zł. Wiek: 2+

💎 I’m Not (Very) Afraid of Being Alone – The fear of being alone is common to many young children. Sweetly told from the little girl’s perspective, this story explores that worry in a gentle, humorous way, coming to a comforting conclusion that might help allay any similar fears a reader may have. Beautiful laser-cut doorways and threads of connection as she calls to her father or he sings to her from different rooms illustrate her feelings throughout the book. The little girl and her family are brought warmly to life in the gorgeous, characterful artwork.💎 POL ☘️ Cena – 60 zł. Wiek: 3+

💎 1000 English Words – This engaging and delightfully illustrated word book helps children boost their vocabulary and develop their speaking skills. A thousand really useful everyday words, carefully matched with detailed and amusing pictures, provide lots to spot and talk about. There are also QR codes to scan so you can listen to all the words read by a British English speaker.💎 POL ☘️ Cena – 46 zł. Wiek: 3+

💎 Wipe-Clean Superhero Activities – Meet Spring, Skydart and their superhero friends in this action-packed activity book. There are dots to join, differences to circle, mazes to solve and dotted lines to trace over, as well as plenty of objects to find, count and draw around. Young children will enjoy doing the activities using the special pen, then wiping the shiny pages clean and doing them all again.💎 POL ☘️ Cena – 27 zł. Wiek: 3+

💎 Spider Queen’s Halloween – The Spider Queen wants a Halloween feast. So Weevil and his team set to work. But will a sneaky thief spoil the party? Find out in this latest addition to the popular phonics readers series. With phonically regular text, this funny story is all treat and no tricks. Great to read aloud. 💎 POL ☘️ Cena – 27 zł. Wiek: 3+

💎 Very First Questions and Answers Why should I get dressed? – Flaps, facts and an exciting range of outfits will inspire kids to get dressed for the day. From sports kit and superhero costumes to coats and wellies, this delightful book makes getting dressed fun. 💎 POL ☘️ Cena – 37 zł. Wiek: 3+

💎 Peep Inside how a Fire Engine works – Nee naw, nee naw! The fire engine is here to save the day. Peep into the cab, roll out the hoses and slide out the ladder to find out how it works. Truck-obsessed toddlers will love all the details to spot, flaps to lift and holes to peep through. An exciting introduction to some of the people who help us. 💎 POL ☘️ Cena – 37 zł. Wiek: 3+

💎 First Questions and Answers: What is racism? – Answering young children’s questions about racism is hard. This book gives both children and adults the language and sensitivity they need to talk about the topic. It gently explains what racism is, how it happens, why it is NEVER acceptable and what each and every one of us can do to eradicate it. 💎 POL ☘️ Cena – 46 zł. Wiek: 4+

💎 Illustrated Stories of Monsters, Ogres and Giants (and a Troll) – Meet monsters, ogres and giants – plus a very grumpy troll – from all over the world. Ten entertaining stories include a female Jack climbing the beanstalk, a lonely ogre and a brave little tailor whose adventure begins with some annoying flies and a pot of jam.💎 POL ☘️ Cena – 60 zł. Wiek: 5+

💎 Space Magic Painting Book 💎 POL ☘️ Cena – 32 zł. Wiek: 5+

💎 Can we really help the Polar Bears? – The Arctic ice is melting and the polar bears need our help. They come to Warmland to explain what’s really going wrong. Luckily they find a group of lively, sparky kids who jump into action and draw up a BRILLIANT PLAN. 💎 POL ☘️ Cena – 46 zł. Wiek: 5+

💎 Illustrated Stories of Mermaids – Discover the mysterious selkies of the Scottish seas and the haunting Philippine tale of the curse of Sirena. Meet the merman from China whose tears turn to pearls and Hans Christian Anderson’s brave little mermaid, pursuing her dream. These nine stories, beautifully illustrated and full of wonder, will whisk you from the bottom of the Arabian sea to rivers, deep in the Trinidadian rainforest.💎 POL ☘️ Cena – 60 zł. Wiek: 5+

💎 Fingerprint Activities Unicorns and Fairies – 46 zł. Wiek: 6+

💎 Lift-the-Flap Trees – What kind of tree grows in the sea? How tall are the tallest trees? Which tree can change how its leaves taste? This flap book holds the answers, along with masses of other amazing tree facts, and can tell you why we need trees – and why they need our help. 💎 POL ☘️ 46 zł. Wiek: 6+

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